Last Will and Testament fee schedule

A simple Will involves about an hour and a half of our time. ($200.00 per hour) We are very careful to make sure that it is clearly drawn and executed in accordance with the laws of this State and the uniform Probate Code.

A simple Will involves no special bequests, no children of different marriages and no trust provisions. Under this simple Will plan, the husband's Will must have the same distribution plan as the wife's (and vise versa) to considered a simple Will.

If a client wants a more complex estate plan, including special bequests, children of different marriages and/or trust provisions, this will involve more time then for a simple Will. The time charged will vary from person to person, depending upon the assets involved.

In addition to the hourly rate of $200.00, we do charge for expenses such as correspondence, postage, photocopies, and any Court filing fees applicable. Please note that we do not charge for the time of our support staff or paralegals.

We believe you will find that our rates, charges and the quality of our services, are very competitive.