How to Prepare for Probate

  • Order 6-10 certified death certificates.
  • Locate his/her Original will.
  • Write down the addresses of all of his/her children and every person or organization mentioned in her/his will.
  • Contact any life insurance companies for a claim form.
  • Contact Social Security.
  • If she/he is a veteran or is married to a veteran, locate his/her DD 214.
  • Contact the VA if he/she is a veteran.
  • Obtain all the latest stock & brokerage Statements.
  • Locate the Abstract or "Torrens Title" to the home or other real estate.
  • Locate his/her last tax return.

We really cannot do much until we have a death certificate. These are ordered through the funeral home and take a week or so. Minnesota Law actually requires that a person be deceased for 30 days before anyone takes any action. This is to allow the family time to grieve. A formal probate may be commenced anytime up to 3 years after the person has died. After that time, a slightly different procedure is used. Probate proceedings take at least 6 months to complete but should be entirely finished in 18 months.

If you have any questions any of the above information or probate in general, please do not hesitate to contact us.