Do I Need A Trust?

You should consider a "Trust" if:

  1. You have a large estate;
  2. You have heirs or children who have special needs or conflicts;
  3. You have property in more than one (1) State;
  4. You are concerned about management of your property if you are disabled;
  5. You want your affairs to be private;
  6. You want a truly unique plan of distribution;
  7. You want continuing management of your money for months or years after you are gone.
  8. You have stock in a small business that you want controlled.

What would a "Will" do for me?

  1. It will direct distribution of your property;
  2. It will direct distribution of your heirlooms;
  3. It will minimize conflict between your children or your heirs;
  4. It will put someone in charge of your estate.

Can I do a "Last Will" Myself?

YES! We have probated three (3) homemade "Last Wills" in the past five (5) years. Two (2) of them were thrown out by the Court. The third (3) one we needed a special hearing for the Court to decide what she meant in her Will. The net effect is to cost everyone more time and money. No Will or Trust prepared by Bruce L. Beck has ever been successfully challenged in Court.

The following is from a book published in 1911:

The Lawyer's Best Friend: A hundred years ago, English lawyers, when dining together, used to drink to the health of "The Schoolmaster," for schoolmasters then often drew up Wills for people, and by their ignorance of legal technicalities gave the gentlemen of the long robe much remunerative business. "To the lawyers' best friend – the man who makes his own Will," was also a regular toast at dinners of the Bar.

The following poem is inscribed to the legal profession:


"Ye lawyers who live upon litigant's fees,
And who need a good many to live at your ease;
Grave or gay, wise or witty, whate'er your degree,
Plain stuff or State's Counsel, take counsel of me: -
When a festive occasion your spirit unbends,
You should never forget the profession's best friends;
So we'll send round the wine, and a light bumper fill
To the jolly testator who makes his own Will"